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EcoRevert (Pty) Ltd is a unique, innovative, dynamic environmental consulting & project management company. EcoRevert is a fusion of different industries both required and regulated by legislation.

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Integrated Environmental & Waste Management Solutions
Consulting Services Offered
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Conversion and Waste to Energy (Beneficiation / Alternatives to landfill)
Air, Water, Noise, Energy & Heat Management & Management Systems
Additional Services

Integrated Environmental & Waste Management Solutions

This concept is defined as combining the efforts of various service providers into one holistic, integrated and accountable environmental & waste management system. This system meets the needs of various stakeholders and is in line with current legislative requirements.

From the hierarchy, EcoRevert has developed a wide range of various service offerings modelled into the concept of integrated environmental management.

Consulting Services Offered
  • Industrial engineering services
  • Professional consulting, assessments & analysis ( Air, Water, Noise, Waste, Recyclables, Energy & heat)
  • Waste, by-product and recoverable material consulting
  • Recoverable material analysis
  • Waste stream analysis
  • Waste classification
  • Integrated environmental & waste system designs
  • Waste by-product project design
  • Waste and recovered material tracking and reporting
  • Environmental sustainability reporting
  • Integrated electronic HSE management system
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Conversion and Waste to Energy (Beneficiation / Alternatives to landfill)
  • Integrated environmental & waste system management services
  • On and off site material processing & recovery
  • Transporting of recovered material
  • Trading of recovered and processed material
  • Importing and exporting of recoverable materials and equipment
  • Solvent recovery
  • Reverting waste to original elements out of liquids, filter cakes and other sources
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal reclamation
  • Converting waste to new products
  • Chemical recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • E-waste recycling
  • Fertilisation & composting
  • Waste separation technology
  • Abattoir waste rendering
Air, Water, Noise, Energy & Heat Management & Management Systems
  • Liquid waste and waste water treatment and recycling technologies
  • Water management systems
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Water quality management
  • Industrial water management
  • Water use efficiency
  • Project management
  • Creating & converting waste to syngas
  • Creating & converting waste to biofuels
  • Reverting waste to alternate energy source
  • Rubber & tyre recycling
  • Hydrocarbon recovery & recycling
  • Supplying of alternate energy sources & fuel sources e.g. Eco industrial generators, biofuels, syngas, solar and wind
  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
Additional Services
  • Cleaning contracting
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Demolition services
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Waste transportation services
  • Plant and equipment hire
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